• The success story of Kilasi Naiuri Mollel

      At the time we met Kilasi for the first time he was a college student and participant of one of our VETS UNITED Animal Welfare and Health workshops in Arusha/Tanzania. Since then a lot happened: Read more

    • VETS UNITED Animal Welfare and Health Course

      We believe that spreading knowledge is the fundament for sustainably improving the lives of thousands of animals all over the world and look forward to many enthusiastic colleagues who want to organise their own workshops! More information

    • Vet Facts

      Do you know about the need of clean, fresh drinking water as one important impulse for animal care? Learn more vet facts in our interesting graphics on animal welfare and animal care: Read more

    • Animal Welfare Projects

      We actively support animal protection projects with financial help and expert knowledge, e.g. in Bulgaria, Romania, India, Indonesia, Malawi, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Learn more

    • Support Our Work

      In order to further extend the programme VETS UNITED and to be able to help even more animals within our projects, we need your assistance.Donate now


Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V.
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10117 Berlin

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Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. is a Berlin (Germany) based registered non-profit organization with the vision of a world, in which animals are appreciated and treated according to their needs. In our work for animal welfare we focus on countries and regions with little protection for animals.

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The programme is set out to improve animal health care standards in emerging and developing countries through locally organised education and postgraduate training. VETS UNITED are so far active in emerging and developing countries such as Gambia, Tansania, Malawi and Sri Lanka.

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